Designed to bridge the physical gap between the way men and women urinate, the Fenis is a unique stand-to-pee device allowing women to urinate in a standing position and control the direction of the flow, similar to men. Unlike other such devices, the Fenis includes a soft, flexible body and phallus.

The Fenis provides a unique experience and an alternative way to urinate in washrooms or the outdoors. It's great for travelling, boating, camping, sports, or anywhere a washroom isn't. Contact with public toilets or unsanitary conditions can be avoided by standing instead of sitting. The Fenis dries easily after use.

The Fenis comes in 16 vibrant colors, is less than 7 inches long and can easily fit in a bag, pocket or case on the go. Made of soft yet durable silicone, the unique shape and flexibility of the Fenis receptacle allows a close, comfortable fit. The Fenis is reusable, compact, hygienic, easy to clean and comfortable to use. It's also flexible enough to fold for storage, returns to its proper shape when unfolded, and can last for years of use with minimal care. The Fenis’ silicone resists microbiological growth, UV light, heat and common cleaning products.

The Fenis was invented by Ryan Hale in 2005, and launched following its appearance on the CBC TV show Dragons’ Den in October 2010, also debuting for sale at the same day.

The Fenis is hand-made in Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada. Thousands of Fenises have been sold across Canada, the USA and beyond to many satisfied customers. We're dedicated to developing the ultimate stand-to-pee devices for women.

Fenis Distributors of Canada holds intellectual property protection of the Fenis in nearly 30 countries and counting world wide, with additional Patents and Trademarks pending.

The Fenis is not a medical device.