We really liked the original Fenis, but it was designed and created using a system that was based entirely on manual sculpture, which has some limitations when it comes to making products. Thanks to our great customer support, we were able to invest in an entirely new way to make the Fenis. The fresh combination of 3d modelling and 3d printing allowed us to piece together every improvement we could think of to make the ultimate Fenis we always dreamed of. Today we can finally offer it for sale!

- A redesigned receptacle that is wider, shorter and deeper with more fluid capacity

- Stronger, more comfortable and more reliable receptacle design .

- A longer and wider tube gives more fluid capacity, and stronger stream.

- Perfectly circular tube vs original means strongest structure.

- Completely symmetrical form vs original.

- Streamlined ergonomic form using computer sculpted curves.

- Overall larger product using more material and designed specifically for our high grade silicone.

- Commercial grade design and product, incredibly durable.

- Very smooth surface finish vs original.

- Highly refined seam vs original

- High detail engraved logo and maple leaf icon.

new Fenis in yellow, old Fenis in green

Here's a quick list of what the new Fenis has improved over the original:

original Fenis (left) new Fenis (center) Mr Fenis prototype (right)
Mr Fenis

Ever since we first began thinking about the Fenis, we have considered the possibility of making a version that actually looks like a penis. It's a logical extension of the original concept. Then when we actually began selling the Fenis, we got a lot of requests for just such a product. Well, today we can finally announce that we will be making and selling a new, anatomically correct version of the Fenis, called Mr Fenis. We chose this name because it's short and descriptive. Mr Fenis is the true synthesis of the transgender urination experience.

Longer and larger than the new Fenis, Mr Fenis has the most fluid capacity of all our products. Its anatomically correct phallus is a thicker silicone than the new Fenis as well, and it represents our most highly designed and refined product yet. A must have for the true stand-to-pee connoisseur, Mr Fenis will be sold (beginning in July 2012) in all 16 of the same great colors as the new Fenis, and potentially in a wider range of fleshtones as well. We are taking pre-orders now for delivery in July 2012, as we near completion of our mold creation process.

We look forward to bringing this high quality and unique product to the world! Find out more about Mr Fenis at its own dedicated website, www.mrfenis.com