I wanted to let you know I bought your first Fenis.... the same night I saw you appear on the Dragon's Den.  I showed it to my step-daughter and she loved it. So that's why I placed another order for 2 more. One for her and one for her sister as a surprise. You have a great product for us outdoorsy girls. Keep up the good work.

S.G in Ontario

Bought a dozen and sold them all in a matter of hours! Used it several times outdoors and sooo Happy with it! Took just ONE practice run at home, to get the aim technique perfectly right, and yoooo it’s FABULOUS <3  My bladder is so very grateful for this sweet little miracle, and sooo happy to share the joy of this NEW freedom/privilege with all my friends!

R.R in Quebec

Excellent product. No more icky toilets while traveling. 

K.H via Facebook

I just want to say congratulations on inventing the perfect product for women who like adventure. I am planning to get one each for my girlfriend and I. We go on long walks together and the Fenis will totally come in handy.

V.C. via Facebook

I have been looking for this item for about 10 years now. Wishing someone would come up with the idea. This will be a great advantage for women. Like Mr. Hale said on the show about bathrooms being disgusting and women having to sit. I want a couple of these items for both vehicles at home. Excellent work!!! : )

K.T via Dragons' Den website

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I have a Fenis, I think it's a great invention. Especially for using public washrooms, or camping or if you're on a roadtrip. It is not difficult to use or to navigate :)

F.F via Live 105's Facebook